Sketching Travel Art Set - 37pc

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  • THE COMPLETE SKETCHING PENCIL SET for artists of all levels. Great for beginners, high school students, teens, and art class students. Everything you need for your sketch class is complete in one easy-to-carry canvas case.
  • NON-TOXIC & HIGH-QUALITY SKETCHING, CHARCOAL, AND GRAPHITE PENCILS FOR ALL YOUR SKETCHING NEED 12 easy to sharpen Sketching Pencils (from 6H to 6B), 3 Pastel Pencils (Sepia tone), 3 Charcoal Pencils & 3 Charcoal sticks (Soft to Hard) and 3 Graphite Sticks.
  • COMPLETE WITH HANDY ART TOOLS 3 Blending Stumps, 1 Pencil Extender, 1 Pencil Knife, 1 Sanding Block, 1 Vinyl Eraser, 1 2-Hole Metal Sharpener, 1 Kneaded Eraser, and a 10 sheet, acid-free Sketch Pad. All the sketching supplies to achieve the desired effect and keep your pencils sharpened and long-lasting.
  • TRAVEL SIZED ZIPPED BLUE CANVAS CASE for sketching on the go or in class, great inner case design with inside pockets, pencil holders, and elastic loops for neat storage and organization. Fits easily in a backpack or travel case.
  • EXCELLENT GIFTING & QUALITY SATISFACTION MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Give your art-loving family and friends a gift they can enjoy for a long time! Perfect for Christmas, birthday, and all gifting occasions.
  • Product dimensions: 10” x 8 ½” x 1 ¼”
  • Product contents:
    • 12 Sketching Pencils (6H, 4H, 2H, H, F, HB, B, 2B, 3B, 4B, 5B, 6B)
    • 4 Pastel Pencils (White, Sanguine, Light Sepia, Dark Sepia)
    • 3 Charcoal Pencils (Soft, Medium, Hard)
    • 4 Blending Stumps
    • 1 Pencil Extender
    • 1 Pencil Knife
    • 1 Sanding Block
    • 1 Vinyl Eraser
    • 1 2-Hole Metal Sharpener
    • 1 Kneaded Eraser
    • 3 Charcoal Sticks (Soft, Medium, Hard)
    • 3 Graphite Sticks
    • 1 10-sheet, acid-free, 5” x 7”, 60 Lb. Sketching Paper Pad
    • 1 Blue Canvas Zippered Bag with Leather-Look binding and accents, and three inside pockets
  • Zippered blue canvas case with leather look accents
  • All materials are non-toxic