About Us

Our Mission

Colour Block® is committed to be a supplier of art materials that offers quality product as well as support to our customers. We strive to focus on customer satisfaction, and to create an experience that motivates our customers to personal growth. 

About Colour Block

Painting is your gift and the activity that brings you most enjoyment. Each creation makes you look forward to your next experience.

Colour Block® was founded by a group of professionals that is passionate about art. Since the day we devoted our love for art supplies, we sternly believe that art can help relieve stress, build self-esteem and unleash your own unique creativity.

Behind Colour Block® is a group of German and US designers, putting together the best combination of products that best suit all levels of artists.  With our rich experience in manufacturing for the world renowned Brands and retail stores, we are confident that Colour Block® is your best choice in art supplies.