Product FAQ


Colour Block is a very experienced manufacturer of quality art supplies. Over many years, we have helped people of all ages to follow their artistic pursuits. It is always our goal to help you understand why we have selected the items in your art set, as well as to know how to use them. For instance, you might wonder why we have given you two erasers in your kit. It is not because we think you will make a lot of mistakes! Read below to see why.

The following are some general questions that we frequently receive. We hope they will help you, and get you on your way to making art faster.

If you have other questions, please send them to us. It will be our pleasure to answer.

The Colour Block Team

How can I achieve different looks with my watercolor pencils? 
How can I blend soft pastels? 
What is the best way to keep my soft pastels clean? 
How should I sharpen my drawing and coloring pencils so they don’t break? 
How many pieces of art will I be able to complete with my art set? 
How should I treat my brushes to make them last a long time? 
How can I get acrylic paint out of my clothes? 
Are acrylic paints water-based? What does that mean? 
What is the difference between the kneaded eraser and the white poly eraser?