Sponge Brush Set - 25pc

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  • 【GREAT LARGE SURFACE LIQUID MEDIUM APPLICATOR】These sponge brushes have smooth edges for consistent application, perfect for multi-person art projects that require large amounts of paint on a large painting surface, as well as other things like applying wood stain or teak oil.
  • 【TORTURE READY】These brushes are ready for a beating- the plastic piece connecting the sponge to the wooden handle continues up through the sponge, securely attaching the sponge and making them extra durable for rough use.
  • 【READY FOR ANY PROJECT】The sponges use a unique blend of foam for excellent absorption and distribution of any medium. This includes acrylic paint, oil paint, glue, wood stain, art resin, teak oil and more. The cells in the foam allow the medium to be absorbed in the foam until it is applied to the desired surface.
  • 【CREATED WITH VALUE IN MIND】This super value pack contains 25-1 inch foam paint brushes with lightweight wooden handles and bevel tips for getting in tight areas and feathering.
  • 【FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US】We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase and that our product will work as intended. If that is not so or if you have any questions, please contact us at customerservice@myartistopia.com so we can arrange a replacement or a full refund.