Acrylic Paint Board Set - 4pc

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  • 【THE RIGHT PLACE TO PRACTICE YOUR SKILLS】Acrylic painting paper is great for practice if you don’t want to get serious with a canvas. It is ideal for acrylic paint and many other mediums, so you have unlimited possibilities.
  • 【NO MORE WARPING】115 pound press gives the paper the perfect amount of absorption, for long lasting colors without absorbing enough moisture to make the paper warp.
  • 【LONG LASTING COLORS】The acrylic painting paper is acid free with a neutral pH, so your colors will not deteriorate over time.
  • 【YOUR COLORS YOUR WAY】Perfectly absorbent pages show off your colors, the way you intended them to be. The paper is also tuned to absorb the right amount of paint, so you don’t have to spend time priming and preparing your page just to get started.
  • 【FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US】We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your purchase and that our product will work as intended. If that is not so or if you have any questions, please contact us at so we can arrange a replacement or a full refund.