Mixed Media Art Sets - 151 pc ( Aluminum Case)

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  • Discover Your Favorite Media And Challenge Yourself:This portable all-in-one mixed media art set encourages you to challenge yourself with different media and learn new techniques. It combines 24 colored pencils, 10 watercolor pencils, 12 acrylic paints tubes, 12 watercolor paints tubes, 18 watercolor cakes, 24 color tone soft pastels, 9 sketching pencils, 3 charcoal pencils, and 7 grey tone soft pastels. With this stylish indigo case, you can be fashionable and professional at the same time!
  • The Only Limit Is Your ImaginationIt’s nice to create with finesse but it is creativity fuels your painting, just as we can see the unlimited imagination and unshakable confidence children show during painting. You can carry the case anywhere, or just bring the layer you need with you. This art set provides everything you need, so try every possibility to fulfill yourself and exert your imagination.
  • A Perfect Gift You Cannot Put It DownThis 151pc art set is always an appropriate gift for both beginners and professionals because it definitely meets all your need. The combination of 4 main art media affords you to unleash your unlimited creativity, to build self-confidence, and to relieve stress after expressing yourselves. This art set is an ideal present for everyone but your amazing creation is a perfect gift to the world.
  • The Very Worth Having Art SupplyBesides various media, this trendy aluminum-cased art set is completed with handy art tools including sanding block, blending stumps, kneaded eraser, vinyl eraser, 2-hole pencil sharpener, canvas, 18 sheets of 8” x 10” watercolor paper, 18 sheets of 8” x 10” drawing paper, 6 golden synthetic brushes, and 2 natural hair brushes. Bonus educational inspiration with a color wheel that teaches mixing and definitions, and a color theory sheet in 3 languages.
  • A Gift To Give Yourself, Because Why NotThis integrated art kit is more than an exquisite gift for your loved ones. We choose eco-friendly materials that are 100% non-toxic for you only because you deserve to be treated better. High-quality products and a 1-year free replacement warranty are promised. We believe you will be satisfied and buy our products again within a year due to the wonderful shopping experience we provide.

    • Aluminum Case: Aluminum carrying case with metal closures and durable briefcase-style handle.
    • Product dimensions: 13 x 11.8 x 3.94”
    • Product contents:
      • 24 Colored Pencils
      • 10 Watercolor Pencils
      • 9 Sketching Pencils
      • 3 Charcoal Pencils
      • 6 Golden Synthetic Brushes
      • 2 Brown Nylon Brushes
      • 12 12Ml. Acrylic Paint Tubes
      • 12 12Ml.Watercolor Paint Tubes
      • 16 Soft Pastels - Color Tone
      • 15 Grey Tone Soft Pastels (Graphite Sticks & Charcoal Sticks)
      • 18 Watercolor Cakes
      • 3 Blending Stumps
      • 3 Plastic Palette Knives
      • 1 Acrylic Palette
      • 1 Water Brush Pen
      • 1 Fine Tip Marker
      • 1 Plastic Palette
      • 1 Kneaded Eraser, 1 Vinyl Eraser
      • 1 2-Hole Metal Sharpener
      • 18 Sheets - 8”x10” Watercolor Pad
      • 18 Sheets - 8" x 10" Drawing pad
      • 1 Canvas 8" x 10"
      • 1 Color Wheel
      • 1 Color Sheet
    • All materials are non-toxic
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