The Best 100pcs Colorful Soft Pastel Set to Get You Inspired!

The Best 100pcs Colorful Soft Pastel Set to Get You Inspired!

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For all your color needs, 100pcs of highly-saturated soft pastels are finely made and packed In this deluxe art chalk set.


  • Express emotions and unleash creativity

  • Build their self-esteem and relieve stress


Rich Colors

With bright and vivid colors, one can express emotions and unleash creativity. Moreover, artists are able to build their self-esteem and relieve stress after exploring the world of art.

  • Deluxe art chalk set
  • Bright and vivid colors

Easy Peasy

The pastel chalks individually wrapped with wrapping paper are well organized and packaged in a sturdy wooden box with protective inner foam cushion to help keep the pastel collection clean and protected.

  • Individually wrapped with wrapping paper
  • Well organized and packaged in a sturdy wooden box
  • Protective inner foam cushion

The square eage of the stick is easy for everyone to create sharp thin lines, soft bold lines, curves and tones. The creamy, high-pigmented colors allow you to nicely layer and blend to create a masterpiece.

  • Easy for everyone to create sharp thin lines

Exquisite Gift

No matter if you are an experienced artist or a promising young creator, a great selection of vibrant colors makes this soft pastel chalk set a perfect present for everyone. Prepare a surprise gift for your creative friends and also for yourself to jump into the unlimited creative world of imagination!

  • Perfect present for everyone

Painting Ideas for Soft Pastels

With this fine soft pastel fine art set, you can be more amazing than these professional artists!


Art by: @bfields 

An active and professional contemporary artist, shows her amazing talent for pastel painting and tries every possibility when she is painting. 


Art by: @marchebbana_art

A talented artist who is good at portraying highly detailed animals and plants.


Art by: @katelevinagallery

A talented artist, a creative designer, and a skilled illustrator who loves to explore different styles of art and is always inspired by nature and humans.

"The sky is the limit. It’s your turn to challenge yourself! "

Get ready to be impressed by this pastel art supply for talented artists like you!

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Artistic Pad

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Value Soft Pastel Set

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