Meet Sidney, a 23-year-old self-taught artist based in Northern Virginia

Meet Sidney, a 23-year-old self-taught artist based in Northern Virginia
 From the flicker of her first crayon to the refined strokes of her brush today, Sidney's journey with art has been a tale of passion and evolution.From a young age, her passion for creating art has remained a constant companion, continuing to fuel her creativity into adulthood.

Through an Sidney's treasures, myriad tales unfold.

Fascinated by bats, Sidney draws inspiration from these misunderstood creatures, portraying them in vibrant and colorful hues that showcase their true beauty.
She also finds creative sparks in food, architecture, and the wonders of nature.
Embracing a mixed media approach, Sidney loves to work with acrylic paints, alcohol markers, colored pencils, and ink to bring her artistic visions to life.
Currently pursuing her AA in Graphic Design at Northern Virginia Community College, Sidney has been collaborating with Colour Block since late August 2021. Our art supplies have been instrumental in her artistic process, helping her craft stunning pieces of art. You can find her artwork featured on Colour Block's social media and platforms, or follow her on Instagram @squids_art for the latest updates on her captivating creations


In the vast canvas of the art world, Sidney stands out with her unique voice and vivid imageries. As she continues her artistic journey, we anticipate even more mesmerizing creations from this talented soul. Here's to many more stories told through her strokes!

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