How to implement painting as a part of your life and what medium should you start with?

How to implement painting as a part of your life and what medium should you start with?

As a child, when we go to the beach, we like to build a sand bunker, filled the center with water and poke a hole for the water to stream out.  As we grow up and become an adult, taking on responsibilities, life becomes more complicated and pressure starts to build up.  

drawing, on floor

A lot of times, we don’t know how to find a way out, because we have no clue the source of our stress and frustration.  Picking up a brush and unleash all your anxiety on to a piece of paper may just do the trick.  Researches have shown that painting is a way to improve your mental and physical health that can improve your overall quality of life.  Knowing how to relieve stress and not let it get the best of you is something we all should learn to achieve.

relieves stress

How should one begin to paint? What kind of supplies should one use?

The 73pc Mixed Media Art Set contains a variety of mediums and tools that is great for all levels of artists.

Paint and Enjoy.

Trying to put on lipstick while walking ?and or in a moving vehicle will surely be a lot more difficult to do so than in a still position, but in truth it’s actually not because there are vermillion border on our lips, which makes it easier to draw.  

A lot of times if you don’t have a scope of things, it can seem difficult to begin, but once you find your scope and set up an SOP, it will be much easier to follow through.  You can start by coloring with oil pastel/watercolor paint cakes, use anything that you can find around you containing lines and practice coloring.

Color the boxes with oil pastel/watercolor paint cakes

Children’s coloring book is also a good starting point

There are a lot of materials around you that you can fully utilize, such as used wrapping paper, brown paper bag or old gift boxes, give it a makeover and a new life.  Start with the easiest procedure and gradually increase difficulty as you move forward.

Painting conveys an idea, only basic skills are needed

Painting can help achieve a lot of things, it can relieve stress, build self-esteem, stimulate creativity, express emotions, convey desires and much more, and all you need are basic skills.  For Graded Wash effect, all you will need is to add water to the watercolor cakes to start creating.  There is no set time on how long you should paint, it is up to you.  All you will need to do is dip the brush in water, adjust the amount of water and draw from light to dark or vise versa. Below is the watercolor cake graded wash example:

You can freely mix and match different colors

With the 24 colors included in the 73pc Wooden Box Art Set, you can create your own swatch book and accumulate your creations as you progress.  We would love to see your work shared on Colour Block® Facebook Private Group Page.  Join us and with your first shared work, we will send you a free drawing pad.

Facing changes, embrace the change and joy painting has brought to us

Painting has become a part of your life, you are gradually increasing the difficulty on your work and finding joy and sense of accomplishment on what you have achieved.

You have found your way and now it’s time to try something new.  Take out the colored pencils and begin sketching a silhouette, there are no limitations, just as the unlimited possibilities.  We all have our individuality, just like the unique pattern on each animal.

Make a silhouette and go bold on the colors.

Mix and match the silhouette with different colors

Painting allows you to think outside the box, build self-esteem and be in control of your own life

Finding your way and better understanding of yourself through painting, as it becomes an essential part of your life, each creation represents your individuality and uniqueness.  You are now more confident and ready to accept a new challenge, stepping away from your comfort zone and take on the acrylic paint.

Acrylic paint is one of the most versatile mediums, and one of the least toxic.  It is water-soluble when wet, it dries quickly and dries into a flexible, water-resistant and durable surface.  It is applicable to many different surfaces such as paper, clothing, mugs, rocks, wood, glass, canvas’ and any rough or glossy surfaces.  Give it try and you will find the joy it can bring you.

We all have our own path and destiny, we are who we are, we don’t need to compare and compete with others, achieve what we set out to do is our greatest success.  Colour Block® wants you to find yourself through painting and creating, lead your own life and not be influenced by other voices. Join Colour Block® Facebook Private Group Page and share with us and others your story and creations.

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