Mixed Media Inspiration

Mixed Media Inspiration

Follow the directions to make this pear canvas, or adapt them to make the piece your own. Change colors or background, or change the pear to an apple or a flower. Do your thing!


  • 8” x 10” canvas or watercolor paper
  • Acrylic paint: cerulean blue, titanium white, mid yellow, burnt sienna, permanent green light, yellow ochre
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue or decoupage medium
  • Permanent fine point black marker
  • Small piece of bubble wrap
  • Small piece of cardboard with one side peeled off, so the corrugation shows
  • Stencil of choice
  • Small piece of sponge
  • Yellow scrapbook paper
  • Words or sentence cut from magazine
  • Palette
  • Pencil


1. Squeeze puddles of cerulean blue and titanium white onto palette. Dipping brush into both, paint the canvas with broad strokes.

2. Add texture to background. Brush cerulean paint on bubble wrap and print on canvas as desired. Paint mid yellow on corrugated side of cardboard, print where desired to make lines. Use damp sponge to paint through stencil with yellow ochre, where desired.

3. Draw a pear on backside of scrapbook paper. Tear pear shape out. Glue or decoupage to canvas.

4. Paint burnt sienna stem onto pear. Shade left side of pear and right pear edge, with permanent green light. Shade a layer on left side with burnt sienna.

5. Add any desired details or words with marker. Paint will have to be dry for marker to work.

6. Glue or decoupage words where desired.

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