You Have Your Art Materials, Now What?

You Have Your Art Materials, Now What?

Looking for Inspiration

Every piece of art has a first brushstroke, a first line, a first color. Does that first brushstroke, line, or color need to be a perfect masterpiece? Of course not, it just has to be a start.

Not sure where to begin? Here are some ideas. Try them, they are easy.

Start Small. Try some drawings on 3” pieces of drawing paper, or paintings on 3” pieces of canvas. They won’t take long. It might be all you need to jump-start your creative juices.

Start Basic. Just make backgrounds. Get some color on the paper or the canvas. Wash some watercolor, sketch some doodles. Just make backgrounds. You can get to the great design later.

Start Second. Borrow from another artist. You know that song lyric, poetic stanza, or scripture verse that has been dancing through your mind this week? Get it down on canvas or paper. Use the words or use the feelings.

Start Simply. Grab your sketchbook or drawing pad. While watching TV or chatting on the phone, just doodle. You will probably find at least one area that looks cool enough to develop further.

Start Fresh. Get a fresh, new perspective today. Sit by the window and actually look out. Take a walk and see what is around you. Visit a museum, a ballet, a zoo. There is every chance that something will grab your eye or your imagination.

Start Paying Attention. Sometimes creative ideas are cooking in your head for a long time and you don’t put them to work. Don’t ignore them.

Start Late. Many times artistic inspiration comes late at night or in your dreams when your brain is calming down after a busy day. Keep a notebook by your bed and make notes when you wake up.

Start Quietly. Turn off your technology. You might hear your muse.

Start Privately. Nobody has to see what you create…until you are ready.

Start Without Rules. Do whatever you want! Don’t think about what a teacher has told you is correct. Get off the straight and narrow path and do your own thing.

Start Together. With a friend, spend an afternoon experimenting with a new medium. Paint. Draw. Illustrate. Have cupcakes, a conversation.

Start in the Middle. Find a place at home where you can leave your art materials out and ready. Don’t waste an instinct or inspiration on time getting everything out and set up. When inspiration strikes, start creating!

Start Again. If you don’t like what you created, throw it away. Have a good laugh and start over.

Go ahead. Who knows what you might start today!

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