Watercolor Pencils Inspiration

Watercolor Pencils Inspiration

Watercolor Pencil Flower Vase

Create your own palette using your watercolor pencils.


  • 6” x 9” sheet of Watercolor Paper or Mixed Media Paper
  • Watercolor Pencils Set (with vinyl eraser, sharpener, and pencil)
  • Cup of water
  • Permanent fine point black marker


1. Draw a vase with round flowers in it.  Add a few leaves and stems. Add a word if you like. Draw with your marker, or draw with your pencil. If you draw with the pencil, redraw all lines with the marker and erase pencil marks. 
2. Color in your design. Shade by adding heavier color or a darker color. Highlight by applying lighter color or no color. 
3.  Dip paintbrush in water and paint over pencil color. Do the lightest colors first, working your way to the darker colors.
4. Add small petals around flowers, if desired.

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